Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement helps both young and old with different complaints/needs.

In the past people thought only the brains of children are ' open ' to learning and the brain of adults were the older you became the you’re less able to learn new things. Recent research has shown that also the brains of adults are still able to learn from new information and can improve multiple functions.

Often a complaint is dealt with, but the cause of a complaint is forgotten. But often a complaint is caused by improper movement or because our body is not well organized and this has shaped other patterns in our brain. The gist of a complaint is settled in our brain that coordinates all our movements. To really get rid of our complaints we’ll have to work on the organization by creating new patterns in our brain by the 9 Essentials.

The Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement does not focus on the restriction but on the possibilities. By not forcing the search for a certain set target but by means of movement to create new patterns and awaken the brain.

This causes breakthroughs in our motor, cognitive and social skills.