Functional Synthesis

During a Functional Synthesis (one-to-one-lesson) you usually lie on a low treatment table and I’m moving you. I mark various movements for you with the goal of helping you to improve a certain function (such as: lying down, sitting, bending, rolling, talking, counting, reading). I constantly apply the ' 9 Essentials ', which means that the movements are slowly carried out, with a lot of attention, variation, and subtlety, so that the chances are that the positive changes in your functioning are also permanent. This lesson lasts 30 minutes. It is possible to do 2 lessons per day with a minimum of 45 minutes. It can also be very useful to plan an ' Intensive ', where you follow 4 to 10 lessons per week.



Single lesson                                       €   70,- including VAT
Package deal (10 lessons)               € 560,- including VAT


Down here is a video of Anat Baniel to get a impression.